Saturday, November 1, 2014

Digital Media – Radio’s Friend Or Foe?

Digital Media – Radio’s Friend Or Foe?

A new study from eMarketer continues to paint a rosy picture for mobile advertising. Interestingly, the biggest shift of ad dollars towards digital media is coming from print and television, not radio. A quick look at the latest Nielsen audio ratings also shows that listenership to radio is as strong as ever. While digital media is the latest new kid on the block prompting industry detractors to claim “radio is dead”, we believe the medium is much more of a friend than foe. In fact, radio has a better opportunity than most to develop a synergistic relationship with digital media.

Let’s take a look at the potential flow of activities a typical individual might undertake throughout the day and see how cross media promotion could motivate an audience to stay with a particular media brand weaving between traditional broadcast and digital media.

Radio is the only media brand with the technical capability to physically connect the dots between each of these daily activities. Audio travels with your audience and can easily be accessed via traditional radio, smart devices, and personal computers.  Within that space there is also the opportunity to promote and enhance audience interaction through on-air promotion, digital messaging, and web page interaction. Find a way to move your audience through each of these cycles while actively engaging them along the way and you will increase the value of your media brand. Innovatively incorporate sponsor messages and you will improve advertiser revenues as well.

RadioLinx Broadcast Marketing
November 1, 2014

About RadioLinx. RadioLinx Broadcast Marketing was founded in 1997 and specializes in independent radio syndication representation. With more than 25 years of industry experience on the broadcast and syndication sides of the industry, RadioLinx has successfully helped newly launched programs and veteran shows alike to establish and grow their station affiliate rosters. Over the years, RadioLinx has helped new start-up programs gain early acceptance in markets such as Seattle, Monterey, Portland, Tulsa, Albuquerque, and others. Conversely, RadioLinx has placed mature programming brands with key radio stations in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Francisco, and more. In early 2014, RadioLinx introduced Iglu Radio, an audio on-demand app created for local terrestrial radio show hosts, podcasters, and Internet radio programs. Iglu Radio features a wide variety of audio content covering the environment, self-help, entertainment, business, arts, and more. To date, RadioLinx Broadcast Marketing has secured hundreds of station affiliates for its syndication clients in all regions of the United States. The Iglu Radio app has been downloaded in more than 25 nations and continues to grow in size and distribution.